We Manufacture Industrial Adhesives

Foam, Contact & Wood Adhesives designed for optimum usage according to your unique requirements

What to expect when you buy from Gluechem:


You can be confident to partner with Gluechem

Priced Per Customer

Our glue is priced per customer specification. Our aim is to retain relationships and therefore offer bespoke pricing models that align with our customers requirements and budget.

Superior Materials

Our raw materials are procured from leading global manufacturers and as such our suppliers form an integral part of the value chain that we extend to our customers. Ensuring we provide a superior product formulated with the best quality materials.

Best Service

As a family run business, Gluechem provides a personalised service for each customer. We recognise that our customers’ needs are unique, and therefore ensure we are adaptable and proactive in our approach.

Technically designed for optimum usage

according to your requirements

Foam/Upholstery Glue


Gluechem Foam Glue (FG 500; FG 850), is formulated bespoke to our clients requirements with the choice of flammable and non-flammable glue.

Our foam glue is highly suitable for bonding in upholstery manufacturing, specifically foam material and moulded foam.


Contact Adhesive


Gluechem contact adhesive (CA 2000), is an all-purpose rubber based contact adhesive creating an immediate, flexible, permanent bond, with smooth application and is water and heat resistant.

Our contact adhesive is designed to form strong bonds between surfaces like wood, plastic, rubber, foam, cork and wood laminates.


Wood Glue


Gluechem Wood Glue (W1978) is a versatile unfilled PVA woodworking adhesive that combines good setting time with high ultimate bond strength. Being unfilled it dries clear, allowing for ease of subsequent staining and limiting wear and tear on cutting disks.

Our wood glue is particularly suitable for joinery work on pine, chipboard and similar woods where clamping times in excess of 45 minutes are used. It is also suitable for dowel and tenon jointing, block glueing, laminating, finger jointing and veneering applications.

Imported Adhesives

Solvent Free, Multi-use / PU Adhesive


PU Adhesive is VOC-free, eco-friendly, and forms strong adhesion on varied materials with outstanding water resistance ability. Moreover, has a short drying time and a slightly foaming effect, making it suitable for construction projects and furniture-making.


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  • Choose your preferred glue
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We mix & test

  • Each order is mixed to your specifications
  • The batch is tested and approved for distribution

It's delivered

  • Personalised service for your needs
  • Delivery available as well as factory collection
    – what ever is most convenient for you!

Meet the team

Gluechem Directors Team Duncan, Gareth and Mike

Duncan, Gareth & Mike Tindall

Co-Owners & Directors

Gluechem is owned and run by brothers Gareth and Duncan Tindall. Both with extensive experience in the corporate world, now putting that to test in a customer facing manufacturing environment. Their aim is to continue building a sustainable workplace whilst constantly adapting to market changes.

The Tindall brothers are supported by their streamlined warehouse logistics and seasoned factory staff.

Mike started off his career in IT Sales, fresh from University, and continued along this path for the next 9 years. Mike prides himself in delivering excellent customer service, as he believes this is fundamental to creating value for the client.

His journey at Gluechem began in September 2020 where he assumed the role of Commercial Director. His aim is to bring value to every negotiation, knowing his product and ultimately selling the value around it. A deal maker at heart who always puts the customer first.

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